Signature Accessible Senior Sample Package 2

12 Units 24 Users   social exercise equipment for a fun and enjoyable fitness experience Seniors love exercising together outdoors! The Signature Accessible Senior Sample Package 2 provides exercise opportunities for 24 users, including 3 users in wheelchairs. Multi-user units such as Greenfields’ 4-Person Leg Press and 2-Person Ski encourage interaction, resulting in longer exercise[…]

Small Signature Accessible Package

6 Units 11 Users small footprint, large impact Turn a compact space into a pocket-size inclusive outdoor gym with Greenfields’ Small Signature Accessible Package. The package allows for 6 wheelchair users and 5 able-bodied individuals to exercise alongside each other. SGR2005-1-47-W 2-Person Accessible Vertical Press SGR2005-1-48-W 2-Person Accessible Lat Pull-Down SGR2005-1-48A-W 2-Person Accessible Chest Press[…]

Signature Accessible Senior Package 1

11 Units 28 Users low-impact activities with plenty of wheelchair accessible apparatuses SGR2005-1-19 2-Person Sit-Up Bench SGR2005-1-21 4-Person Lower Body Combo SGR2005-1-22 4-Person Pendulum, Abs & Dips Station SGR20051-26 2-Person Cross Country Ski SGR2005-1-42 2-Person Back & Arms Combo SGR2005-47-W 2-Person Accessible Vertical Press SGR2005-48-W 2-Person Accessible Lat Pull SGR2005-1-48A-W 2-Person Accessible Chest Press SGR2005-1-48E-W[…]